Our vision

The name of the company discloses its vision: BEY – beverage, eat and youth.

Our values at Bey Food concept are Passion, Sharing and Nature.

The hot topic « Green lifestyle » is one of our top priorities. We aim at taking measures in all our affiliate companies that respect nature and aim at reducing our footprint on the planet.

More than Food & Drink…

Through its different sister companies, Bey Food Concept covers diverse aspects in the food service industry: from foodtruck to the organisation of your events. Just like the sector’s own characteristics, our services are numerous and diversified.

Just Foodtruck is a modular space, which is customizable for all your events. Whether you need a breakfast service, catering for your company events or for your festivals, we guarantee fresh and quality products. Inspired by the “street food” concept, we serve dishes on the go.

We are your key catering partner and customize our services according to your needs. Just Event & Catering offers a full-range customized catering service, covering occasions such as aperitif, walking dinner, barbecue, lunch for your wedding, birthday party, a romantic dinner in the fields, company party or any other occasion.

By love for the sector, we want to offer our clients the best quality products for a fair price. This passion has led us to offer workshops where we share our know-how and expertise. These gatherings allow amateurs and food passionate to enjoy a moment of conviviality.

Some history…

Erhan Kurt starts his adventure in 2014. At that time, he is serving freshly squeezed juices behind his bamboo bar in the entrance hall of the Royal Dépôt in Tour&Taxis.

It did not last very long for success to knock on his door. Fairly quickly, Erhan starts exploring different locations with his mobile bar and juice truck – the first one in Belgium – to offer his fresh juices and a first breakfast formula for private orders, on markets and exhibitions.

One year after his first juice bar, he settles down at the Royal Dépôt: Just Jus Corner is born.

With a sound experience in the food service industry, Erhan Kurt, founder of the concept, is constantly looking for animating and revitalizing places, unusual spots in some cases, with the objective to revive the location, bring colors, warmness and visitors.